Dentistry for Dogs and Cats

ParkView Animal Hospital recommends all dogs or cats over 3 years of age have a dental check up.    If a dental cleaning is necessary, it is recommended to do pre-anesthesia blood work.  This is a check on the overall health of your pet to make sure that liver, kidneys, and blood counts are within normal ranges and to reduce any risks possible prior to anesthesia.  Many pets with bad teeth will be put on an antibiotic a few days prior to the dental to calm the infection and reduce possibility of complications.

Your pet will be fasted from the evening before for the anesthesia. The dental itself is similar to a human dental cleaning - tartar removal, checking for cavities, gingival (gum) pockets, loose teeth, any growths on the gums or palate, removal of diseased teeth, and finally, polishing. The polishing is to smooth the tooth after tartar removal, as the tartar pits the tooth. A smooth tooth will not encourage tartar formation as easily as a roughened tooth.


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